We need to Elect Candidates that understand Palo Alto



As Palo Alto continues to grow, we need more city council members who understand that development in our city needs to be planned, sustainable and not outpace the city's ability to provide services to the community.



Affordable housing  

Supporting Small Business

Traffic and parking presents a big challenge for our community and could be made even worse without proper planning and continued overdevelopment.

Instead of just greenlighting every new high-­end condo development, we need council members who will work to ensure new developments are responsibly planned and include affordable housing so our teachers, police officers and other public servants can afford to live and work in Palo Alto.


Our local businesses represent the heart of our city and we will seek to advance policies that ensure our local retail businesses-­‐-­‐our coffee shops, our laundromats and our small retail shops can thrive in Palo Alto.



1)   We need members of the city council who will make traffic a key priority and evaluate new development according to how it may or may not impact traffic in the short and long term.  

2)   Many in our community believe greenlighting new high end condos to move more people to Palo Alto is the solution. We need a real plan to alleviate traffic and it starts with managed, strategic development.

3)   A recent study of traffic in our neighborhoods found that accident rates on Middlefield Road have increased dramatically in recent years, sometimes tripling in frequency. The current approach to quickly greenlighting new projects, without considering traffic issues must change and we must face our traffic challenges, head on for the sake of public safety.  


1)   We support new development that serves our community’s needs and does not overextend our resources, schools and city services, particularly water supply.   

2)   Without proper review and oversight, developers in our city can run circles around city hall and move new projects through the approval process before they have been properly evaluated for their impact on local traffic and affordable housing requirements. Our community belongs to all of us and we cannot afford to hand the keys to our future over to developers.


1)      We have already made progress to ensure ground level space is reserved for local small retail businesses, so we can preserve the character of our neighborhoods with cafes, coffee shops and retail,  instead of only providing office space. I know we can do more to support the small businesses that are the heart of our community.

2)      Supporting our small businesses must be an important priority for our city council. While developers have sought only to expand office space, these businesses provide the charm and character we love about our neighborhoods. We must ensure we are prioritizing the needs of local, small businesses.


We need to elect members of the city council who will make traffic and parking a major priority and ensure we put public safety first.   


 We need to work to ensure middle income families can afford to live and work in Palo Alto.   


Small businesses are a critical priority for our city and we must make sure our retail shops, restaurants and coffee shops are not pushed out in an effort to create more office space. 


We need more council members who appreciate the beauty of our city and will work to improve it. That's why we are proud to support Lydia Kou and Arthur Keller.  We hope join in support of these exceptional candidates.  



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