Deciding Palo Alto's future growth

City Council will play crucial role in deciding how city should grow in the next 15 years.


Hamilton Hitchings

The biggest issue in this year's City Council race is deciding how Palo Alto should grow. This year's council election is particularly important because the newly elected council will vote on adopting Palo Alto's Comprehensive Plan Update. This document defines the city's policies toward growth for the next 15 years and will be the basis for the city's zoning.

I love the fact that Palo Alto is a family-oriented town with great schools, an active community, tree-lined streets and many parks, environmental leadership, innovative startups and great city services.

Because the CAC is an advisory committee, the controversial issues will be decided by the next City Council. Specifically, two of the most controversial issues that will be voted on are whether to continue the annual office cap and whether to remove the 50-foot height limit. How will votes on these issues affect housing, parking and traffic?

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