On December 16, 2013 the Palo Alto City Council voted 6-3 (Council members Holman, Price and Schmid voted NO) to deny appeals from the neighbors of Alma Village and permit Grocery Outlet to erect a 104 sq.ft. illuminated sign extending to a height of 34 ft. (10 ft above the roof line) on the front of the building, formerly occupied by Miki’s Market, at 3445 Alma Street. This petition is a direct appeal to Grocery Outlet, to reconsider this decision and reduce the sign to a reasonable size, consistent with the Palo Alto signage ordinance. Please complete the form and click the “Sign Now” button to support us.

You can also download a printable copy of the petition to circulate to your friends and neighbors. Please return completed petition forms to us at the next PASZ meeting.

We, the undersigned, express our strong disapproval of the 34 ft. high Grocery Outlet sign proposed for your store at 3445 Alma Street (Alma Village).
The Palo Alto Architectural Review Board and six members of the Palo Alto City Council (Marc Berman, Pat Burt, Larry Klein, Liz Kniss, Greg Scharf and Nancy Shephard) disregarded the appeals of neighbors and the existing signage regulations in granting an exception. Extending 10 feet above the roof line, this illuminated sign is not consistent with any other signage in the area.
We believe that Palo Alto's sign ordinances should be respected and we are asking that Grocery Outlet, as a gesture of goodwill, reduce the height of the sign to be not taller that the supporting building wall while retaining the current width OR install a cloth banner sign using the existing mounting.

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