Measure D Fails to Pass

by Lizzie Chun and Eric Lu
Published November 6, 2013

Voting on Palo Alto’s Measure D, which proposed to build 60 new affordable homes for seniors and 12 single family residences along Maybell and Clemo Avenues, took place on Tuesday at Palo Alto High School’s Tower Building, among other locations around the city. The majority of the voting community rejected the measure, with about 56% against the ordinance. Photo by Eric Lu.

After much public debate over Measure D’s proposed affordable senior and family housing plan, Palo Alto residents flattened the ordinance Tuesday night at the voting polls, cutting short the planned development’s future.

The unofficial, semi-final results reported a tally of 6,330 for and 8,210 against the Measure D ordinance. These results translate into a 56.46% majority vote against the measure, according to Santa Clara County’s Registrar of Voters site.


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