Council Members' 'Grades' Disputed

daily_post_logo_small.jpgResidentialist group weighed 20 votes

BY BREENA KERR, Daily Post Staff Writer

Palo Alto's Residentialist group says it has created a fair way to judge City Council members: a "scorecard" based on 20 votes it identified as the most important for these who live in the city. But some council members said the scorecard is biased and misleading.

''We thought all voters needed to see what the historical record shows about how the City Council has chosen things that affect us" said Palo Altans for Sensible Zoning (PASZ) President Cheryl Liliensteln. 'Almost all the city council members are sounding very much alike. This is the only way for voters to understand how the incumbents voted." 

The votes that the council members were judged on lnclude some of the most memorable votes of the past two years. Those include the unanimously approved Maybell development, which would have allowed 60 low-income senior apartments and 12 single-family homes to be put on Maybell Avenue. But residents put a referendum on the ballot and formed PASZ after voters stopped the project.

[published in the Daily Post 9/26/2014]

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